Customer Service Makes Geocrete a Cut Above

Customer Service Makes Geocrete a Cut Above

What elevates a craftsman above his peers? Technical expertise, attention to detail and a love for the craft are all imperative, but arguably it’s exceptional customer service that makes a craftsman a cut above the rest.

Geocrete’s Paul Warner is one of these rarities; not only is he passionate, meticulous and at the pinnacle of his craft, but he also goes the extra mile to delight his customers.

East Bentleigh’s Kim Aidone is one of Paul’s many happy polished concrete customers, thrilled by his commitment to not only meeting customer expectations, but far exceeding them.

Kim had initially planned on choosing a surface polish, made famous by Bunnings Warehouse floors across Australia, but her builder Ben Dowling advised that she firstly talk to Paul about the possibilities. Having already worked together on two jobs at Black Rock, Ben recommended Paul for his professionalism and commitment to his clients.

After exploring the options for her new polished concrete floor with Paul, Kim remained undecided between a matt or satin sheen. To assist Kim in her decision, Paul prepared three different sheen samples on her floor – satin, matt and high glossso that Kim could see the results in her own home and make an informed decision about which would best suit her aesthetics and family’s lifestyle.

Geocrete’s Paul Warner can prepare samples of the polished concrete sheens available so that you can trial them in your own home before choosing what’s right for you.

Paul said no other polished concreter offers this service. “Clients really appreciate this on-site trial because they can see the sheens come to life and they can physically feel the different grits that result in one sheen being more easy to clean and live with. When my clients choose a polished concrete floor they are making a huge emotional investment, and I too am invested in ensuring that they are thrilled with what they choose.”

After seeing the samples, Kim decided on a Geoshine™ high gloss sheen, which is the sheen Paul recommends to all his clients. “With its beautiful, bright, sparkling surface shine, it’s the ultimate in polished concrete. Of all the sheens, high gloss requires the largest amount of surface densifiers, so it’s not only the most durable option, but also the easiest to clean and maintain. The result is a low-maintenance floor of incredible strength, durability and beauty.”

Kim said she could not be more grateful to Paul for saving her from “making rookie errors” on her choice of sheen. “Paul is so committed to helping you get the perfect solution for your floors. He is super passionate and not happy until you are happy. Our home looks like something out of a magazine thanks to Paul’s knowledge and patience.”

One of the boutique features of the floor is the stunning random exposure of quartzite and basalt in a grey base. Paul explains that random exposure is the hardest of all finishes to achieve because its success depends on the workmanship of the concreter; only a small proportion of slabs are concreted to the appropriate standard. “Random exposure can often look defective, but in this case Marcus from Rapid Slabs did a brilliant job,” he said.

Ben Dowling said that Dowling Builders recommends Geocrete to any of their clients interested in installing polished concrete in their homes. “Paul has completed three projects for us now, and each time he has been the most professional tradesman to work with. From the moment you engage him for the job, everything is about doing the work properly and keeping the client happy.”

Paul Warner

Geocrete is a culmination of my study of geology, training under an Italian concrete finishing master, and decades of working with the beautiful product of concrete. I am committed to making Geocrete the most passionate and determined polished concreting company in Australia, providing my clients with the highest quality floor of any company in the world.