Black Hill

Superb polished concrete steps in Stuart and Susan Crumpler’s Ballarat home highlight Geocrete’s Paul Warner’s technical skill and craftmanship.

Founders of urban utility bag company Crumpler, Stuart and Susan commissioned a vast extension of the back of their heritage house in Black Hill, after selling their slick country estate at Buninyong.

Arc Design + Build secured Paul for the task of polishing the 150m2 living space, following his “professional and passionate” work on a project in Daylesford and another at the company’s director Tim Rickard’s own house in Invermay.

With polished concrete steps as a design element in their Buninyong home, the Crumplers wanted the same feature in their new build.

Despite having high expectations, Stuart was in for a shock at the quality of Paul Warner’s meticulous workmanship.

“Stuart is an artist and a meticulous man, and he couldn’t believe how well the steps were done compared with his last home,” Paul Warner said.  “Steps are extremely difficult as they need to be polished by a hand grinder. I was very proud of the job; it came up perfectly.”

The Crumplers chose a concrete mix supplied by Eureka Concrete of 80% basalt and 20% quart with double black oxide, finished to a lustrous high gloss.

Stuart was so thrilled with Paul’s work that he has since referred Geocrete to two friends, with Paul set to do a job for one in Ballarat this year.

Paul Warner

Geocrete is a culmination of my study of geology, training under an Italian concrete finishing master, and decades of working with the beautiful product of concrete. I am committed to making Geocrete the most passionate and determined polished concreting company in Australia, providing my clients with the highest quality floor of any company in the world.