Geocrete Difference


It’s technical expertise, superior technology and a passion and commitment to producing a perfect floor that makes Geocrete the number one polished concrete flooring specialist in Melbourne.

The world’s most beautiful and durable polished concrete floors

Geocrete specialises in creating individual polished concrete floors of enduring beauty, and works with architects, designers, luxury brands, owner-builders and renovators who are seeking the finest quality polished concrete floor to feature in their new home, showroom or retail premises.

An innovative and passionate craftsman

If you’re looking to work with a professional who is as serious as you are about creating the ultimate polished concrete floor, look no further than Geocrete’s Paul Warner, a unique and innovative craftsman in Australia’s concrete polishing industry.

A geologist by training, Paul has been working with concrete for more than twenty years and started polishing concrete when the industry was in its infancy.  Trained in the industry’s main concrete polishing systems, Europe’s HCT Superfloorand Husqvarna’s Hiperfloor, Paul was in a prime position to assess both the pluses and the pitfalls of these techniques, and was propelled by a passion to improve on the industry’s technologies.

After thousands of hours testing different processes, chemicals, machinery, and techniques, Paul trademarked his signature concrete floor polishing system, Geoshine, which brings together the best possible technology, regardless of cost, to produce floors of unsurpassed strength, durability and beauty.  A global industry front-runner, Geoshinewas originally one of only five trademarked polished concrete systems, and now leads a market of only ten systems worldwide.

A reputation as the best

Geoshinehas quickly become the number one choice for polished concrete in Australia.  Paul’s work includes a bold and breath-taking polished concrete staircase at Melbourne Girls Grammar School, Australia’s largest concrete polished floor at the iconic Melbourne international airport, and a stunning floor in one of Australia’s best-themed houses.  He has even polished concrete walls in the ground-breaking Ballarat Construction Management headquarters that garnered international accolades, and Kenworth Trucks chose a Geoshinefloor for its strength and durability when it recently upgraded its showroom.

With his technical expertise and experience, Paul has gained a strong reputation among architects for his expert consultancy from the concreting phase through to design and production.   With a geologist’s understanding of materials and chemical reactions, 22 years of expertise as a concreter, and 18 years of developing and perfecting the skills of a concrete polisher, Paul is a specialist through every aspect of the process.

Geocrete is the antithesis of a large company, with Paul both the passionate owner and the person on the tools, controlling projects from start to finish and ensuring the highest standards and quality. Geocrete clients achieve a masterpiece; a polished concrete floor produced to specifications, surpassing expectations, on time and on budget.

A superior method

Offering only the best, Geocrete is the only company in Australia offering mechanical concrete polishing exclusively.  Paul uses a metaphor to describe the ‘grind and seal’ finish offered by other companies as the ‘Holden Astra’ of concrete polishing, with Geoshine mechanical polish the exquisite ‘Ferrari finish’, a work of art in its own right.

Geoshine’s premium polishing system includes 15 grinding and polishing steps and an exclusive blend of house-made surface densifiers, which create a floor that is harder, glossier and more durable than its competitors.  Husqvarna’s Hiperfloor system, for example, has only ten grinding and polishing steps, and uses an inferior surface densifier.   It’s the combination of superior technology, materials, skill and care that makes Geoshinethe best concrete polishing system in the world.

Style and individuality

Strong, durable and individual, a Geoshinehigh-gloss concrete floor adds luxury, quality, beauty and style to any residential or retail development.  Geoshine finishes are available in an infinite number of custom possibilities, and Paul can tailor the process through different grinding and polishing levels to produce a floor exactly in line with his clients’ desires.  Paul is so confident of the quality of his workmanship that he guarantees Geoshinesurfaces for ten years.

Passion and love

Geocrete is driven by an artisan who has a passion for polished concrete and the mindset of a perfectionist.  For Paul, all floors are personal and a signature of his craftsmanship.  It’s this passion and love that makes a Geoshinefloor absolutely distinct and the very best.

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