Geoshine™ Finishes

Geoshine™ – our signature concrete floor polishing system

Available exclusively through Geocrete, Geoshine™ is a unique and customisable concrete floor polishing system that produces floors of unsurpassed strength, durability and beauty.

Geoshine™ is the number one choice for architects, designers, luxury brands, owner-builders and renovators who are seeking the finest polished concrete floor to feature in their new home, showroom or retail premise.

With its innovative process of mechanically grinding, densifying and polishing, Geoshine™ brings together the best possible technology, regardless of cost, making it a global leader in the polished concrete industry.

The Geoshine difference

Geocrete is Australia’s only polished concrete company that delivers mechanically polished floors, not the inferior ‘grind and seal’ coatings offered by other companies.

The Geoshine™ polishing system includes 15 grinding and polishing steps and an exclusive blended formula of premium surface densifiers, which creates a floor that is harder, glossier and more durable than its competitors.

Three application stages of grouting and six applications of potassium and lithium silica surface densifiers create more gloss and shine, and a stronger and more durable floor than those made by other polished concrete companies.  In comparison, Husqvarna’s Hiperfloor™ system has only ten grinding and polishing steps, one application of grout and just three applications of entry level surface densifiers.

Geoshine™’s premium surface densifiers are made by Geocrete’s sister company Alchemy Construction Chemicals, which Paul Warner launched in 2009 to ensure Geoshine chemicals are of the highest quality and the most advanced on the market.  The raw ingredients are supplied by German company Henkel, famous for making Locktite™, the world’s strongest adhesive, ensuring Geoshine™ floors are the strongest and most durable floors in the world.

Employing his background in Applied Science, Paul tests different chemicals, procedures and techniques on a daily basis, and the results inform Geoshine™ product design and improvements. No other chemical manufacturing in the world is made by a concrete polisher, for a concrete polisher.

The Geoshine™ process

The Geoshine™ process involves 15 grinding, grouting, densifying and polishing steps carried out in two stages to achieve a stunning satin or high gloss finish.  An exclusive blend of premium in-house surface densifiers is applied to harden the surface, and the application of a penetrating, stain-resisting sealer produces a durable finish guaranteed for 10 years.  A final buff gives the floor its signature Geoshine™!

For more on the Geoshine™ process, click here.

The Geoshine™ warranty

Geoshine™ nanotechology produces premium floors that are resistant to wear and abrasions, including fading, scratching, peeling, chipping, marking and flaking.  It’s this cutting edge technology that made a Geoshine™ floor the obvious choice for the Melbourne international airport and the Kenworth truck factory upgrade.

We are so confident of the quality of our concrete floor polishing system that we guarantee Geoshine™ floors for 10 years.

Customisable and individual

Fully customisable, Geoshine™ floors are highly individual and works of art in their own right.  There are almost infinite design possibilities when using polished concrete, with a wide array of aggregates, cement types and coloured oxides to choose from. Paul is passionate about helping his clients design a beautiful floor, and can tailor the process through different grinding and polishing levels to produce a floor exactly to your desires.

Geoshine™ is Paul Warner’s signature of a premium quality, individually designed polished concrete floor.

Contact Paul for a floor that far exceeds your expectations.

Choosing Your Geoshine™ Floor


Geoshine™ floors are available in three different exposure levels – full stone, random or surface polish/burnished finish – and either a high gloss or a satin sheen. Which look you choose depends on a variety of factors, including your personal preference and design aesthetics, and the concrete that will be polished.


  1. Full stone exposure
  2. Random exposure
  3. Surface polish/burnished finish

Full stone exposure


The exposure we recommend, a full stone exposure creates the ultimate polished concrete floor.  The concrete is mechanically ground 3mm to fully expose the stones in the aggregate, giving a stunning and premium result.

Random exposure


This is a very fine grind that removes 1-2 mm from the concrete surface, giving the floor a motley ‘salt and pepper’ appearance.  This is the hardest of all exposures to achieve because its success depends on the quality of the slab to be polished.  We don’t recommend this option, because in our experience, only 10% of slabs are poured and finished to the standard needed for a random exposure level.

Surface polish / burnished finish


A surface polish/burnished finish is a stylish alternative to mechanical polishing.

To begin with, the concrete slab must be perfectly poured and finished, so it’s critical that you choose an experienced concreter who will do an impeccable job.   The concreter uses a powered trowel to burnish the concrete until the surface is black, marbling and smooth.

Geocrete will then use polishing resins to polish the concrete surface to your desired sheen.  Unlike full stone and random exposures, there is no aggregate exposed in a surface polish.

Surface polishing accentuates the characteristics of the concreter’s burnishing and produces an extremely durable and unique looking floor that makes a feature of the beautiful marbling and patina of the concrete.


High gloss

Our most requested sheen, this finish produces a floor of distinction combined with a feeling of wealth and luxury.   A high gloss sheen maximises light refraction, bringing clarity and a stunning mirror-like reflection to the floor.  Since more surface densifiers are used to create a high gloss floor compared with the satin finish, high gloss is not only the most durable option, but also the easiest to maintain and clean.


A satin sheen is a more subtle finish than high gloss, producing an atmosphere of relaxation and softer aesthetics.  Using advanced modern technology, it integrates light refraction better than a high gloss sheen by reducing the peaks and troughs of the flooring topography.  The result is an exquisite floor and a semblance of infinite space.