Warehouse gets Geocrete makeover

Truglo Electrics was so impressed with Geocrete’s work on their showroom that they asked Geocrete to polish their entire warehouse.

A job on a high-end showroom in Moorabbin turned into a much larger task when Geocrete’s Paul Warner was asked to polish the company’s entire warehouse.

When Truglo Electrics’ founder David Hughes decided to upgrade his showroom with a premium, high gloss polished concrete floor, he employed Geocrete based on a glowing recommendation from Italcon Concreting.

The luxurious mix of off-white cement with white oxide was supplied by VicMix, featuring ivory quartz, grey granite and a peppering of black basalt.  A full stone exposure was the perfect choice to reveal the beautiful inner matrix of the concrete.

Paul said the mix was chosen by David’s wife, and is also one of his own favourites. “It is the most expensive on the market, costing three times the price of a standard mix,” he said.  “David was nervous asking for his wife’s input as she has expensive tastes!”

Delighted by their lustrous new floor with its luminous shine and lush white tones, the Hughes decided that their factory warehouse also needed a makeover.  This time they chose a surface polish, a popular and cost-effective finish where no aggregate is exposed, but instead a feature is made of the marbling and patina of burnished concrete.

Paul said surface polishing was a fantastic choice for the warehouse’s commercial setting as it stands up to the everyday rigours of a trade premise.  

“The warehouse was very dusty and difficult to clean, and a surface polish was the obvious solution.  It’s a much better choice than the comparably priced epoxy flooring, which has a plastic look and begins to show signs of deterioration within two years.”

The mammoth task of polishing the entire 1000m2 was undertaken solely by Paul, the largest job Paul has completed working on his own.

To achieve a surface polish, the slab must first be laid perfectly level by the concreter.  Dominic from ItalCon Concreting meticulously poured and burnished the concrete to a black, marbling and smooth surface.  Paul then polished the surface to a high sheen and applied signature Geoshine™ densifiers to create an extremely hardwearing surface that is a breeze to clean.

With its expansively glossy sheen and gorgeous marbling, the resulting warehouse floor has a real ‘wow’ factor.  “I love the look of a surface polish as it retains the character of freshly poured concrete before it cures, capturing its depth and shades of greys and black,” Paul said.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing surface polishing in both commercial and residential settings for its timeless decorative appeal and hard-wearing qualities.  And no wonder they’re choosing Geocrete!

If you’re thinking of upgrading your own home or business with polished concrete, get in touch with Paul to discuss the possibilities.

Paul Warner

Geocrete is a culmination of my study of geology, training under an Italian concrete finishing master, and decades of working with the beautiful product of concrete. I am committed to making Geocrete the most passionate and determined polished concreting company in Australia, providing my clients with the highest quality floor of any company in the world.