Pay attention to the process your polisher plans to use

Pay attention to the process of concrete polishing

Concrete polishing is not an easy process. It has both mechanical and chemical components that must be harmonised into a series of steps to create the perfect end result.

I use my own polishing system, GeoshineTM, to create unique and beautiful floors (see examples of Geocrete’s work) (learn more about GeoshineTM).

What is Geoshine?

GeoshineTM is not ‘set in stone’; I regularly enhance it through my research into new chemicals and grouts and through ongoing development of my grinding and polishing techniques (order, number of steps, grit-count of grinding/polishing heads, number and type of densifier applications, etc.).

Using my training as a geologist, I’ve also learnt to mix my own chemicals from the raw ingredients. I use the best materials available to create densifiers of higher potency than standard off-the-shelf densifiers, which means I can create incredibly hard and durable floors.

A 15 Step Process

In the past month I’ve formally increased the number of steps in GeoshineTM to 15 grinding and polishing steps with 10 applications of densifier using potassium, lithium and colloidal silica, three grouting, two sealer, plus a final buff.

Take a look at the end result in a residential house I’ve just completed in McKinnon for boutique builder Berman Homes and home owners Nicole and Darren Morris.

This is off-white concrete with an aggregate mix of crushed river pebbles and basalt that covers the entire ground floor of about 120 square metres.

The extra densifier and grouting steps I’ve added have further increased the hardness of the final floor and its overall high gloss – I hit 73 gloss units on the glossmeter with this one. (Many polishers will struggle to get over 60.)

36 Hour Stain Resistance

The stain resistance has also increased to 36 hours – wipe off that red wine, coffee or fruit juice within that time and there will be no damage to the floor.

The builder, Michael Xafis, and Nicole and Darren were thrilled with the result.

My overwhelming impression of the final product was that it was like walking on a piece of art. My gorgeous polished concrete floor will be the showpiece from which I will take inspiration for decorating the rest of the home but the floor itself will always be the ‘star’ of the show, thanks to Paul and Geocrete.
Nicole and Darren Morris

When you’re looking at a concrete polisher for your new home or business floors, pay close attention to the process or system they intend to use. If it doesn’t measure up to GeoshineTM, then you won’t get the best possible result.

Paul Warner

Geocrete is a culmination of my study of geology, training under an Italian concrete finishing master, and decades of working with the beautiful product of concrete. I am committed to making Geocrete the most passionate and determined polished concreting company in Australia, providing my clients with the highest quality floor of any company in the world.