The Geoshine Process

Geoshine™. Strong, durable and created to last.

Exclusive to Geocrete, Geoshine™ designer concrete flooring is a patent pending process of carefully grinding, densifying and polishing concrete to a honed lustre.

Using an exclusive blend of premium quality surface denisfiers and the most advanced polishing equipment available in the world, Geocrete create a strong, durable flooring alternative, created to last.

Following close collaboration with your concreting team, the Geoshine™ process begins when the concrete slab has fully cured.

Aggregate Exposure.

To create truly beautiful designer floors, a four-head planetary grinder is used to expose surface aggregate to the desired effect.

Surface Densifiers.

An exclusive blend of premium surface densifiers are applied to harden the surface and prepare it for honing.


Capable of producing three levels of lustre, the concrete’s surface is carefully honed to achieve a matt, satin or high gloss finish.

Stain Resistance.

The application of a penetrating, stain-resisting sealer produces a durable finish capable of withstanding red wine or coffee spills for up to seven hours.