Innovation born of passion

Led by qualified Geologist, Paul Warner, Geocrete creates Australia’s most unique, innovative and durable polished concrete floors.

Following a chance encounter and job offer from an Italian trained Terrazzo Master, Paul’s passion for concrete was born. What followed was a 10-year exploration into concrete properties and the untapped potential of one of the world’s most durable, and beautiful flooring alternatives.





Geoshine™ designer
concrete floors by Geocrete

Trained in the industry’s primary concrete polishing systems including Europe’s HTC Superfloor™ and Husqvarna’s Hiperfloor™, and with more than 14 years of experience in the concreting industry, Paul has developed his own signature concrete polishing system – Geoshine™ by Geocrete.

A superior combination of knowledge, materials, skill and technology, produce Geoshine’s™ durable, world leading, designer concrete flooring for commercial and domestic applications in three finishes – matt, satin or high gloss.

Exclusive to Geocrete, Geoshine™ concrete finishes are available in 12 designer colour effects and an infinite number of custom possibilities. Explore the Geoshine™ collection of durable, designer concrete flooring options today.

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