Available in three finishes, 12 designer colour effects, and an infinite number of custom possibilities – Geocrete can create a truly unique and durable flooring solution for your next project.

The exclusive Geoshine™ floor polishing system is capable of reliably refining the surface of concrete to a matt, satin or high gloss finish.

Geoshine™ Matt

Ideal for wet area applications and concealing dust and dirt, matt finish designer Geoshine™ concrete flooring is easy to maintain and natural in appearance.

Geoshine™ Satin

The perfect compromise, a satin finish designer Geoshine™ concrete floor produces an easy clean floor with all the character and light of a high gloss shine.

Geoshine™ High Gloss:

The most requested surface finish, high gloss designer Geoshine™ concrete flooring makes a dramatic statement in any application. Easy to clean and resistant to staining, Geoshine™ high gloss flooring is the ultimate room brightener.