The buying decision for polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors are a relatively new option for quality flooring in new or renovated homes. Concrete floors have long been used in industrial applications such as factories, warehouses and offices, but their elevation to residential use has only happened in Melbourne and Australia in the past 10 years or so, when the art of concrete polishing reached our shores.

Concrete polishing transforms what most would consider a drab material into a fascinating, highly detailed surface that can hold a glass-like gloss for decades. Most people, on seeing a polished concrete floor for the first time, exclaim on its beauty.

You can find more about the technical aspects of how polished concrete floors are created by reading our Geoshine™ concrete floor polishing system pages.

Step 1: Advantages of polished concrete floors over other surfaces

Durability – a Geoshine™ polished concrete floor is the hardest, most durable flooring surface you can install. We guarantee it for 10 years, and recommend a repolish, buff and reseal after that time.

Ease of cleaning – just vacuum and mop a polished concrete floor using eco-friendly, non-acidic cleaners. Spills can be wiped up with a soft cloth without staining.

Energy efficient – polished concrete floors help your house retain coolness in summer and warmth in winter, meaning you save on electricity use.

Non-allergenic – polished concrete floors have a non-porous surface that’s easy to clean, meaning there is no place for bugs or allergens to hide.

Light reflective – a high-gloss polished concrete floor can increase the natural light in a room without glare, saving on electricity use.

Cost effective – once your Geoshine™ polished concrete floor is completed, your upkeep costs are nil for the next 10 years. There is no need for repolishing, no rising edges, no trip points, no broken boards, no steam cleaning, no stain removal, no tiles to replace.

Beautiful – perhaps only a hand-woven rug can match the intricate beauty possible in polished concrete floors.

Individual – the colour and aggregate of your concrete plus the cut and polish level will create a unique polished concrete floor, from simple to extravagant, to suit your interior design intent.

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Step 2: Why choose Geocrete to create your polished concrete floors?

Geocrete is headed by chief artisan Paul Warner, who brings a unique skillset to his work as a concrete polisher. A geologist by training, Paul spent 14 years working as a concreter and 10 of those concurrently developing his skills and techniques in concrete polishing.

Read more about Paul on the ‘About us’ page.

Paul developed Geocrete’s exclusive concrete floor polishing system, Geoshine™, which is backed by hundreds of hours of testing and the best available machinery and materials.

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Here’s why you should choose Geocrete:

  • Customer focused. We are strongly customer driven. We work closely with you to create a polished concrete floor to match the vision you have for your home. You will find that we really listen to what you want and plan our work according to your needs.
  • Quality concrete. We can recommend quality concreters to pour your concrete slab, and consult with you before and after the pour to ensure we have the best possible slab from which to create your polished concrete floors.
  • On time, on budget. We take pride in our ability to meet time and cost schedules. We arrive on site at the appointed time and complete our work to the agreed schedule.
  • Expertise and experience. Chief artisan Paul Warner is perhaps the most knowledgeable and experienced concrete polisher in the field. He will personally design and create your perfect polished concrete floor.
  • The best system. Geoshine™ is the best concrete floor polishing system on the market because it brings together the best possible components (grinding machines, diamond heads, surface densifiers, grouts, etc.) regardless of cost or manufacturer. Hundreds of hours of testing have been done to calculate the optimum grinding and chemical application methodologies to create a Geoshine™ floor.
  • A beautiful floor. We understand that we’re not just creating a floor; we’re creating an integral feature of your home that will be with you for decades to come. It should be a thing of beauty.

Step 3: Call Geocrete to quote on your polished concrete floor

Your buying decision is that simple. To organise an obligation-free quote for your polished concrete floors anywhere in Melbourne, Geelong or around Victoria, call Paul Warner direct today on 0404 786 594 or email .