A brilliant polished floor starts with a quality concrete slab

Geocrete advises at the concreting stage to help ensure your concreter produces the best possible slab for us to create your unique polished concrete floor.

We can recommend several concreters we have worked with and trained to our standards in producing a quality slab. Geocrete will also provide written specifications and advice to your concreter on the standards that your slab must achieve.

Lack of care or poor techniques in areas such as levelling, compaction, screeding, trowelling and curing will produce a weakened slab that will be a poor canvas for Geocrete’s concrete floor polishing system, Geoshine™.

Note that while Geocrete will provide specifications and advice, we do not take responsibility for the quality of the slab produced. That responsibility remains with the concreter.

Are you interested in finding out more general information about concreting? Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia has produced a useful booklet, ‘Concrete Basics’. It can be accessed by clicking here.

How soon after laying can a floor be polished?

Geocrete will begin its Geoshine™ concrete floor polishing process between 7 and 28 days after the floor slab has been laid. Why so long, when the concrete seems to be hard within a few days?

Concrete is a material that has to be ‘cured’ to reach its optimum strength and durability. Curing involves controlling the drying process by keeping the surface moist and allowing it to dry slowly. A curing compound can also be used, but must be applied at just the right time to seal and strengthen the concrete.

A slab that has not been cured will achieve 60% of its potential strength. A slab that has been cured for 28 days will achieve 95% of its potential strength. Floors that are inadequately cured risk unsightly cracking. No two slabs are the same, so Geocrete takes care to specify the best methods for each floor it will be polishing.

The curing techniques we use include:

Geocrete’s knowledge of concrete and its curing sets us apart from other concrete polishers. Beautiful Geoshine™ floors are created on concrete that has the best possible structural integrity.