Privacy Policy

Geocrete only collects personal information that is necessary for Geocrete to perform its functions. Personal information that Geocrete may hold includes the following: name, address and contact details.

Geocrete collects personal information directly from an individual where reasonable and practical.

How Geocrete uses personal information and to whom it is disclosed
Geocrete uses personal information generally to provide an individual with products and services requested, and to respond to queries. Geocrete may also use personal information to make an individual aware of Geocrete's other products and services or offerings provided by Geocrete.

Geocrete understands the importance of keeping personal information private, and only discloses such information to third parties in limited circumstances.

How Geocrete stores personal information
Geocrete maintains strict procedures and standards and takes all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to, or disclosure of, personal information. Geocrete takes all reasonable steps to protect an individual's information from misuse or loss. Once an individual's information is no longer needed by Geocrete, reasonable steps are taken to destroy or de-identify it.